Financial Benchmarking Services

Benchmarking Services

We provide the insight businesses need for growth and profitability.

What if you could identify key financial performance indicators within your business that would help drive profitability? Toukan & Company offers benchmarking services that make it easy for financial executives to understand the top opportunities for improvement in their organizations and where they are leading and lagging in relation to their industry peers.

Toukan & Company has a long-standing history of providing sound financial advice to companies across a wide spectrum of industries. Our benchmarking services use a database of 1.4 million+ financial statements from over 575,000 publicly and privately held companies, and our reports include 60+ financial metrics. We create customized peer group benchmarks based on NAICS codes, revenue size and geography that help you address key topics such as:

  • Liquidity and your organization’s ability to meet obligations
  • Profit margins and how they compare to industry trends
  • Sales performance and its effect on profitability
  • Borrowing and how effectively your company is managing debt
  • Efficient management of gross fixed assets

Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Benchmarking FAQ’s

Financial benchmarking provides and empirical analysis of your organizations performance relate to your industry peers.

1What is a benchmark?
Toukan & Company’s Financial Benchmark is a comparison of your financial performance relative to your industry peers. It’s an empirically-based analysis designed to provide a rapid and high-level assessment of your financials.
2Why should I benchmark?
Through benchmarking you gain insight into relative strengths and weaknesses compared to other organizations in the same industry.
3How can I use Toukan & Company’s benchmark data?
Our benchmark data can help you address key topics such as: industry profitability trends, sales performance, cash management, borrowing and the effective utilization of gross fixed assets. The benchmark will help you prioritize which of your relative strengths and weaknesses you should focus on.
4Our business is unique. We don’t operate the same way as other companies. How will the benchmark help us?
The metric in scope are focus on your back-office financials, not the unique front-office operations of your business.
5Where does the industry data come from?
We leverage a database of 1.4 million+ financial statements from 575,000+ companies.
6Can I pick & choose which companies I am compared to?
You cannot select specific companies to be in your peer group. We create the most relevant peer group available based on your key demographics such as NAICS codes, revenue size and geographic location.
7What information do I need to provide?
We request that you provide us with your most recent income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flow. You can upload your financial statements through our online questionnaire.
8If I upload my data, is it secure?
Yes, our online questionnaire employs a 128-bit SSL encryption.
9What’s the turnaround time to receive the final deliverable?
The turnaround time varies by offering. Industry Reports can be delivered as quickly as 48 hours after the request is received. Typical Company Comparisons are prepared within a week. The baseline report in the Annual Insight is delivered within a week, and the remaining four reports are delivered throughout the year.

Toukan & Company offers three levels of financial benchmarking:

Industry Report – The Industry Report provides a real-time snapshot of trends and averages within your industry to help you better understand your market.

Company Comparison – The Company Comparison report compares your most recent fiscal year financial data to your industry peers to enable objective performance comparisons. It identifies your top three areas of opportunity to drive profitability.

Annual Insight – Annual Insight is a strategic tool for financial executives who want to track key financial metrics and organization performance over the course of a year. The comparison includes an initial baseline report, three quarterly updates and a year-end summary.

To learn more about our benchmarking services, contact: Jeff Clark, Partner, Benchmarking Services, or call (614) 901-7100.